Learn why GDPR matters, what you need to do and why you should act now! Worried about the GDPR? Are you ready to comply?








  • Identify and approach potential new supporters

  • Adopt an opt-in approach in their marketing communications

  • Management of supporters' personal data record

  • Millions of donor records are unlawfully shared with third-parties

  • Charities can no longer use their marketing lists & specific marketing methods


Your biggest concern is how to gain new donors and re-engage lapsed ones, right? Opt-in would really be the best practice for all your marketing practices in the long term and Marketing Town is essentially the solution to their problem. With Marketing Town, you can get access to a business network of more than 900 compliant UK suppliers who openly inform individuals of the data points they are looking to collect and how their personal information is going to be used.

The changes to opt-in regulations might slow down your list growth in the short term, but it is not as hard you might think. After all, all you will be doing is marketing to individuals who are interested in hearing from you and thus improve your overall data quality. Non-profit organisations are required to go above and beyond the GDPR regulation when dealing with donors' personal information, so you need to take steps towards adopting an opt-in approach in your marketing communications.


Extensive and reliable network of data suppliers

Guaranteed compliance of partners & their marketing practices

Transparent relationship with our supplier network

Increase website traffic, customer acquisition and ROI

Real-time reporting of traffic and conversions

Are you prepared for the GDPR?


of charity supporters are likely to opt-in if asked by the charity


of supporters do not know what GDPR is


will not tolerate being contacted without consent


of Britons think it is important to have a single and simple opt-out button