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Aditus Audience Acquisition is one of the biggest London based call centre and market leading seller of newspaper/magazine subscriptions in the UK. In initial talks it was clear that the main issue with their pre-Marketing Town set up was the cost and inefficiency.

What was the Problem

Aditus needed a platform that could move large amounts of data from multiple suppliers and could scale as their demand for data increased.

They also needed advanced tracking information to be able to perform long term analysis for themselves, create world class reports and analysis for existing clients. They would also be able to offer these features to attract new clients.


Changing from their existing set up meant removing the brokers from the equation, this would save a large percentage of their budget as Marketing Town only charges a percentage for planning and buying.

What Made the difference

Aditus were able to analyse supplier performance and increase quantities from the suppliers  providing data and rank the suppliers by monitoring the quality and performance of the date supplied.

Simplification of data delivery

The implementation process was a very simple one with certain activities being switched from the old platform to Marketing Town without anyone batting an eyelid. This meant that Aditus saved some of their budget whilst gaining control of their data and gaining the ability to produce bespoke reports with powerful results showing buying patterns across each of their titles and giving valuable customer insights.

Kyle Smith: "Thankfully, after analysing the metrics involved, we were able to identify numerous irrelevant splits and, with the help of the intuitive integration functionality, we were able to map all the relevant data easily. This coupled with the template feature meant that, once we defined the metrics of importance, we could instantly apply them to any new campaign we created. This ensures that all of our existing insights can be tracked throughout our future business activities."


This lead to a massive 21.5% boost in contact rates across their bespoke lead generation campaigns. Creating increased sales and revenue.

In addition, they were happy with the speed of the reports themselves, which run in a matter of seconds thanks to Google BigQuery, enabling them to store millions of bits of information and query them within seconds.

As Marketing Town is a web-based service it meant that they could run their reports from anywhere, including from their smartphones, due to the mobile-friendly website.

Kyle Smith, Managing Director of Aditus was impressed with the Marketing Town

"With new report requests being developed and deployed in a matter of hours it was a welcome change from the weeks of waiting that we had become accustomed to in the past."