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Company description:

Data Rocks are B2C lead generation specialists and each week they generate thousands of qualified leads, hot keys and appointments for their clients.

What was the problem:

The huge volume of leads, daily/weekly management of the data, reporting and distribution of leads to clients was massive. It was taking the account management team a long time to process all the data and then send out to the clients in a format that was in an easily digestible/understandable format.


After trialling a number of performance advertising suites, we decided that Marketing Town was the most scalable, reliable and time saving solution on the market.

What Made the difference:

Easy to setup campaigns and real time reporting as well as the intuitive interfaces and partner management.


Reliable delivery of leads to clients and both time and cost saving to our business. The reduction in account management operational overhead gave us the opportunity to focus on what we do best, resulting in an increase in revenue through new business as well as a higher profit margin on existing business.

Quote from Client:

Paul Evans - Campaign Manager of Data Rocks

We'd highly recommend Marketing Town to anyone involved in data management as it has streamlined all our processes and most importantly saves us time every day. The lead delivery is efficient and accurate. It's very simple to use, we learnt the system in a few days, and if ever we have an issue the guys fix it straight away.